Reading Glasses That Fit Your Lifestyle

Many of us live in denial over needing reading glasses. The light is dim and we cannot actual see the page but insist everything is fine as we pull the page within inches of our nose and then to arm’s length in an effort to find just that perfect distance for the words to come back into focus. Or later at night the words blur, our heads hurt and we simply put the book down. Sometimes it feels like all small details and print just need to have better lighting. The fine print in our life has become a constant blur but we simply decide that since we never read the fine print anyway this isn’t a great loss. 

The truth is our eyes have hit a transition point and need reading glasses. Resistance is strong because reading glasses in the past often appeared old and dowdy. Luckily while our eyes may in need of help our sense of style will not suffer because reading glasses are now a chic fashion item. Indeed they have become so much fun that some people actually wear simply glass in order to have the ability to accessorize with frames that suit their face and personality.